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Rider Spoke in Norfolk

EXPERIENCE project invites you to participate in Blast Theory’s Rider Spoke, an immersive experience in which you’ll have the chance to cycle with no particular destination and explore a town in Norfolk. A recorded narrator and music score will take you around the city and draw you to new and unknown places.

This series of events is part of Norfolk Wonder and it has been tested for use by audience with diverse access needs. You can take part on your bicycle (or rent one), wheelchair, mobility scooter, alternative cycle or on foot.
As a participant, you will be provided with a smartphone and mount to place onto your handlebars.

Rider Spoke will take place in Kings Lynn, Great Yarmouth and Sheringham over six weekends in October and November.

King’s Lynn: from 15 to 17 October
Great Yarmouth: from 22 to 31 October
Sheringham: from 5 to 14 November

For more details and bookings, visit: What's on, Norfolk & Norwich Festival (

Project website: Home - EU EXPERIENCE (