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Congratulations to our first project to complete!


Congratulations to SB&WRC, our first Interreg VA France (Channel) England project to complete!
The idea of the project was to design and produce insulation prototypes for buildings, using bio-based and waste-based materials. 
The three prototypes were produced from agricultural coproducts (rapeseed and corn stems), textile waste and terracotta waste, and wheat straw.
The 31-month project, which was approved under the specific objective of Low Carbon Technologies, had a budget of €1.8m, of which €1.3 was ERDF funding from our programme.
To celebrate the achievement, the project -  Sustainable Bio & Waste Resources for Construction - held a closure event to showcase the innovative work of the French and English partners. 
SB&WRC was led by Nomadéis Le Havre in Seine-Maritime, with four other partners from France and three from the UK.
The aim was to reduce CO2 emissions and to preserve natural resources such as construction minerals that are used in the production of the most widespread insulants such as glass wool and rock wool.
During the project, partners held events to help raise awareness of the new insulants among professionals from the construction industry.

 Twitter: @SBWRC_Project