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Discover the people behind our projects…


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Over the last few months we’ve travelled to both sides of the Channel to meet some of the people doing great things with our funding. And we’ve created a brand new video showcasing how our funding could help make a real difference to your project idea.


The best bit is that we still have over €100 million available for new cross-border projects until 2020.

Meet the people behind the projects:

Nicolas Ragot, ESIGELEC, France – Heading up Project ADAPT, Nicolas leads a team of 16 partners working to develop a new smart electronic powered wheelchair and a virtual reality wheelchair simulator. The hope is to improve mobility for elderly and disabled people living on both sides of the Channel. Read more

Harriet Parr, University of Portsmouth, UK - A key member of the Project PONToon team, Harriet works alongside her colleagues to improve employment rates of women from disadvantaged backgrounds and to tackle the digital skills shortage in France and the UK. To help solve the problem they are developing a range of tools including virtual reality interviews, webinars and bespoke computer game experiences. Read more

Professor Andi Smart, University of Exeter, UK – Andi leads the Project Vista AR team, who are introducing augmented and virtual reality experiences into Exeter Cathedral and Fougères Castle. The team will use digital tools such as headsets, tablets and immersive room experiences to bring history to life, allowing visitors to meet characters from the past and provide access to lost heritage artefacts. Read more

Christelle Pereira, Facilitator, Interreg FCE – Christelle is a member of the Interreg FCE team and plays a key role in supporting our partners to develop their project from an initial project idea through to project approval. And she’s not the only one - we have a dedicated team on hand to help you bring your project idea to fruition, with facilitators based across the Programme area. Find your nearest facilitator

Remi Guidoum, Nomadéis, France – Leading Project SB&WRC, Remi works with the cross-border team to develop new environmentally-friendly forms of thermal insulation, using plant fibres and recycled materials. Read more

Do you have a cross-border project idea? Drop us a line with your project idea.