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Presenting…SAMARCH Project video!




SAMARCH provides vital research on the populations of salmon and sea trout in the Channel area to better inform the management of these populations that are in decline. Watch and learn more about this great project.


We‘ve created a series of bite-sized, inspiring videos at mid-way point in the programme about one project from each of our five specific objectives:  Innovation; Social Innovation; Low Carbon Technologies; Natural & Cultural Heritage; Coastal and Transitional Water Ecosystems. 

The €7.8m SAMARCH project is in the funding category for Coastal and Transitional Water Ecosystems . Find out more about the project here.

SAMARCH is the second in our series of videos, which illustrate the variety of projects we co-fund, and highlight their achievements and the fantastic collaboration that goes into forming a successful Interreg France (Channel) England project.

We have €50m funding left, and having exited the EU with a deal, our funding is guaranteed for a project’s lifetime. So If you think you could develop a project, get in touch with your local facilitator.