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Presenting…GO TRADE project video!


gotrade 7


This project helps stop the economic decline of town centres by creating a unique brand of local markets in the South of England and North of France. Watch the video to discover more!

We‘ve created a series of bite-sized, inspiring videos at mid-way point in the programme about one project from each of our five specific objectives:  Innovation; Social Innovation; Low Carbon Technologies; Natural & Cultural Heritage; Coastal and Transitional Water Ecosystems.

The € 5.6m GO TRADE project is in the funding category for Natural & Cultural Heritage. Find out more about the project here.

GO TRADE is the first in our series of videos, which illustrate the variety of projects we co-fund, and highlight their achievements and the fantastic collaboration that goes into forming a successful Interreg France (Channel) England project.

We have €50m funding left, and having exited the EU with a deal, our funding is guaranteed for a project’s lifetime. So If you think you could develop a project, get in touch with your local facilitator.