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We approve over 7 million euros of funding for three new projects!


Three New Projects Approved

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve approved three new projects with a combined European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) contribution of over 7 million euros! The three projects will tackle one of the Programme’s 5 specific objectives.

Details of the three projects can be found below:

SURFAS – This project led by Engineering University ESIGELEC in Rouen, will develop two energy saving devices that will be used with smoke alarms and Wi-Fi routers to make them more energy efficient and cost effective, resulting in sizable cost savings for consumers. ERDF 1.2 million euros, Specific Objective 1.1 Innovation

Vista-AR¹ – With the University of Exeter as the lead partner, this project will use virtual reality to change the way we visit cultural and heritage sites. Working closely with Exeter Cathedral and Fougères castle in France, the project, known as Vista –AR, will develop a range of new exciting augmented and virtual reality experiences for visitors and tourists including virtual reality helmets and 360 degrees room experiences. ERDF 5.3 million euros, Specific Objective 3.1 Cultural and Natural Heritage

SB&WRC¹ - Led by Le Havre based sustainability consultancy Nomadéis, SB&WRC will develop new environmentally friendly forms of thermal insulation for the construction industry, using waste materials such as rapeseed stems and textile waste. ERDF – 1.1 million euros, Specific Objective 2.1 Low Carbon Technologies

A further 3 projects with a combined ERDF value of 9 million euros had their phase 1 applications approved at a recent Programme committee that took place in Arras, France. These projects will now be invited to submit their second phase application form.

Congratulations to all our new partners and we’ll keep you posted on the projects’ progress over the coming months!

  1. The projects’ approval is dependent on projects meeting a number of conditions outlined by the Selection Sub-Committee.