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SO 1.1


To increase the delivery and uptake of innovative products, processes, systems and services in shared smart specialisation sectors.

The Programme is aiming to support the economy of the Programme Area by building upon its existing research excellence. Whilst certain areas of the Programme Area, mainly in the South East of England, are considered to have a good performance in Innovation, this is not reflected across the entire Programme Area.

The Programme would therefore like to see the better performing regions and institutions in the Programme Area support the areas which are performing less well to bring up the standard of innovation across the Programme Area as a whole.

Additionally, it was recognised in the analysis of the Programme Area that SMEs have a lower than average performance in R&D, and the Programme is aiming to support their involvement in the commercialisation of research in the Programme Area to work towards overcoming this.

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New project to increase resilience of water stressed areas

A new €4m cross-border project between England and France will help to improve how local areas mitigate and adapt to the threats of increased future water scarcity and drought in England and France. Water for Tomorrow, funded by the Interreg France...

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