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E-Channel (Micro Project)


E Ch image
Specific Objective Innovation
Project Budget € 500,000.00
ERDF Amount € 400,000.00
Duration 08/2019-10/2021 (26 months)


SMEs in the FCE area offer unique and specialised products but they may lack the expertise and confidence to enter new markets and sustain new market growth. They need technical and consultancy support on their journey to sustainable cross-border and new market entry.

E-Channel provides e-commerce new market support in a joined-up package which would otherwise require working with a wide range of unconnected businesses and agencies; many of which will not be focused on the needs of the individual SME.

Working together, the two project partners are two companies; Lead Partner, Vertical Plus (based in Devon, UK) and Soledis (based in Vannes, France). Together, they will create two unique launch pads by pooling Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Customer (B2C) knowledge and expertise of their respective national markets to provide a bespoke range of consultancy services for SMEs on both sides of the Channel.

The two E-Channel launch pads will involve cross border teams, providing knowledge and expertise to SMEs of e-commerce, marketing, fulfilment, transport and the administrative processes involved with entering new markets.

The E-Channel launch pads will initially work intensively with 24 SMEs: the aim being to roll out this model to a wide range of clients. The E-Channel Project will ensure SMEs integrate their online presence with services appropriate to their product range and scale of operation.

Lead Partner

Vertical Plus
Devon, England

Project Partners

Bretagne, France