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Flexible Smart Surfaces for Augmented Indoor Communications


Specific Objective Innovation
Project Budget € 1,8M
ERDF Amount € 1,2M
Duration 02/17 - 05/21 (51 months)


Project SURFAS will develop two energy saving devices that can be used with smoke alarms and Wi-Fi routers to make them more energy efficient, resulting in sizable cost savings for consumers.

The project aims to find a greener alternative to the current smoke alarms on the market by creating a self-powered energy device that works by using ambient electromagnetic waves. This device can then be used in place of batteries, making smoke alarms more energy efficient and much more cost effective for consumers.  With around 13.5 million smoke alarms in the France (Channel) England area alone (5.6 million in France and in 7.9 million England), annual energy savings could reach as much as 12.7MWh.

Project SURFAS will develop an additional device that will significantly increase the range of Wi-Fi signals produced by household routers without consuming additional power. The device would provide a more energy efficient alternative to the Wi-Fi boosters which are currently used to improve Wi-Fi signals. This could lead to an annual energy saving of 5.9GWh if all the 225,000 Wi-Fi boosters in the Channel area were replaced.

Once developed, the two devices will be shared with SMEs (more than 200 in the France (Channel) England zone) to encourage the uptake and long-term production of the devices after the project has ended.

Lead Partner

Seine-Maritime , France

Project Partners

University of Kent
Kent , England
Calvados , France
Seine-Maritime , France
Instrinsiq Materials Ltd
Hampshire , England
University of Surrey
Surrey , England