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Highly-efficient innovative shallow-water based Sea Water Air Conditioning solution for the Channel Area


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Specific Objective Innovation
Project Budget €3.9 M
ERDF Amount €2.5 M
Duration 06/2020 - 06/2023 (36 months)


 Heating and cooling consume half of the EU's energy and much of it is wasted. Developing a strategy to make heating and cooling more efficient and sustainable is a priority for the Energy Union.

Cooling is an essential resource in various sectors. The need will further increase, leading to a higher demand for cooling and air conditioning. Cooling is highly polluting as they are produced with electricity generated by fossil fuels. Reducing the energy required for cooling and adopting highly-efficient cooling technologies is therefore a priority.

To address this issue, project EUROSWAC aims at adapting an existing SWAC (Sea Water Air Conditioning) technology only used so far at a few sites in tropical areas and in the Mediterranean Sea to the English Channel’s seawater.

The partnership will design and develop a cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly solution for cooling production, using seawater, a renewable energy source as refrigerant and by exploiting the temperature difference between cold ocean water and external air temperature.

The objective is also to develop methods to reduce implementation costs and optimize adaptation to different sites to promote the development of the solution in the FCE area. This technology represents major benefits in terms of CO2 emissions, lifespan and costs compared to existing solutions.

The deployment of 35 SWAC is also considered to be initiated by 2030, creating 250 jobs, attracting €85 million of investment and reducing indirect CO2 emissions caused by air conditionning by 30%.

DISCLAIMER: This project has recently undergone a fundamental modification and therefore some details are currently being updated to reflect this. 

Lead Partner

University of Exeter
Devon, England

Project Partners

STAT Marine Ltd
Kent, England
Doris Engineering
Nimes, France
Somme, France
École Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées Bretagne
Finistère , France
Nimes, France
Eure, France
Club SWAC France
Paris, France
NKE Instrumentation
Hennebont, France