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Tidal Stream Supply Chain - Meet the Buyer

Two supply chain webinars events are planned on the 10th and 15th June where project and technology developers from tidal stream sites across the Channel in France and the UK will share the details of their forthcoming development and procurement plans.

10 June 2021, 9:30am to 11am BST. French webinar: Developers share project plans and opportunities across six French and UK sites

The 90-minute webinars will include introductory presentations from developers highlighting regional cross channel supply chain opportunities across the TIGER tidal stream sites. This includes a range of different site conditions and technologies with a range of different emerging needs. Participants are encouraged to sign up to both events which will be streamed simultaneously in French and English.


More information is available on the TIGER website: Tidal Stream Supply Chain - Meet the Buyer webinar | TIGER: Tidal Stream Industry Energiser (