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Updated 04/03/2019

Q In a no-deal Brexit, do partners of approved projects need to take any action?
A Not at this stage - we will let project partners know if there’s anything they need to do.


Q Should project applicants wait until after March 2019 to apply for funding?
A As a Programme, we are operating in ‘business as usual’ mode, and although we encourage project applicants to work towards creating good quality projects for submission, ultimately it is for applicants to make decisions in relation to submitting applications, in light of the current Brexit situation. See the latest update from the UK Government on the Brexit situation regarding EU-funded programmes such as France (Channel) England.


Q Do you know when the UK Government will respond to the European Commission’s proposal
A No, we don’t have a timescale for a response.


Q In a no-deal Brexit, if the UK Government approves the European Commission’s proposal, can projects be approved in 2020?
A No, in such a case, projects will only be able to be approved until the Programme’s last deadline in 2019.


Q Is there a chance the UK won’t approve the European Commission’s proposal?
A In theory it’s possible, although prior to this proposal, the UK had already guaranteed funding to UK partners of projects up to end of 2020.