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Coronavirus potential impacts on FCE projects

Over the last couple of days and weeks, different important public health measures have come into place within the Programme area. Given the fast-changing nature of the coronavirus situation, the France (Channel) England Joint Secretariat fully understands that there is...

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update website
update website

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Biodegradable fishing net project launches

Presenting...ADAPT project video!

ADAPT tackles mobility problems faced by elderly or disabled people by developing a new smart electronic powered wheelchair/virtual reality simulator.

Presenting...INCREASE VS project video!

Presenting… INCREASE! This project is developing a new cross-border training programme to help social housing residents set up their own micro-businesses or achieve other forms of employment.[embed width="480" height="270"...

Presenting…CobBauge Project video!

The award-winning CobBauge Project develops, tests and creates new low carbon and energy efficient cob mixes to build homes in the Channel area.It won the European Commission’s prestigious RegioStars...

Presenting…SAMARCH Project video!

SAMARCH provides vital research on the populations of salmon and sea trout in the Channel area to better inform the management of these populations that are in decline.

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Presenting…GO TRADE project video!

This project helps stop the economic decline of town centres by creating a unique brand of local markets in the South of England and North of France.

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€14m project to tackle plastic pollution hotspots

The Channel area will be the focus of a three-year project to remove and prevent plastic pollution at hotspots in the UK and France.

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