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Archive: June 2021

Reducing carbon footprint in the dairy industry

A new approach to feeding dairy cattle will be piloted in Cornwall (UK) and Finistère (France), as part of a new two-year project aimed at reducing industry greenhouse gas emissions and improving productivity. The cross-Channel project between the UK and...

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IVY Reporters EXM
Introducing our new IVY Reporters

In June, we welcomed two IVY reporters to the Channel programme team. Alessia Baratto and Laurence Moureh-Ledig, join us for 4 months as part of the EU’s IVY volunteer scheme,...

Covid-19 recovery package for struggling communities

The C-CARE (Covid Channel Area Response Exchange) project is to deliver a €6.7million package of Covid-19 recovery support for businesses and people in the UK and France.

Exeter Cathedral Choir WEB
Virtual reality project allows tourists to experience attractions in lockdown

Virtual reality devices at heritage sites in France and the UK have been adapted so tourists can ‘visit’ an attraction in lockdown – and in the case of Exeter Cathedral...