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Brexit Update




As a result of the current political context, the UK government has stepped up their no deal preparations and has sent letters to all ETC Managing Authorities and to our UK project partners.

The note to project partners from MHCLG is about the Treasury Guarantees and concerns that they have around managing the Treasury Guarantee in a no deal scenario.


MHCLG key messages:

1)      They are highlighting potential implications of a no deal which is that projects may not be able to continue in their current form.

2)      They continue to reinforce the message that UK would like to continue to support projects in their current form but acknowledge that this will not necessarily be possible under a no deal scenario. They will be in touch with all English project partners to discuss their concerns in relation to the Guarantee over the coming month.


From the perspective of the France (Channel) England Programme Managing Authority:

1)      We acknowledge that the current political situation is causing uncertainty, however, we will continue to implement the programme as usual, and we will continue to process your payments and claims unless we receive any messages from the EC that we can't.

2)      We are in regular contact with the EC and MHCLG and if we are informed of any changes to the current set up we will contact you immediately.


For further clarity regarding the letter sent out by MHCLG relating to the Treasury Guarantee please e-mail: 

Please also see a Government update issued on its website on September 13 regarding European Territorial Cooperation.