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Targeted projects – coming soon


Targeted Projects2

We’re launching an exciting new opportunity for you to take part in a cross-border project!

The new initiative will aim to build ‘targeted projects’ on a number of key topics that we’ve identified as being important for the Programme area.

More details can be found below.

What are ‘Targeted Projects’?

  • Targeted projects are larger than usual projects developed by the Programme in a ‘top down approach’. This means the Programme will work closely with partners to build the project and to complete the application form, in-line with the topic and needs identified by the Programme.
  • Each targeted project will tackle a key issue that the Programme has identified as being particularly relevant and important to the Channel area.

Next Steps

  • We’ll release furthers details of what areas the targeted projects will be focused on in the New Year.
  • You’ll then have the opportunity to register your interest on working on a targeted project.

Watch this space for more information coming soon!