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Update on impact of ‘no-deal Brexit’ on EU programmes from UK Government




An update has been issued by the UK Government on the impact of a no-deal Brexit on certain EU-funded programmes, including France (Channel) England.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has updated its technical notice about European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) programmes that was published in September 2018.

This affects partners of approved projects and prospective applicants in a no-deal Brexit and offers advice to both groups. Read the UK Government’s update here.

It is important to note that that leaving the EU with a deal remains the UK Government’s top priority and that as a Programme, we are continuing to work in ‘business as usual’ mode.

Brexit with a deal

The notice reiterates the Government’s funding guarantee to any UK organisation that secures funding from EU programmes by the end of 2020.

No-deal Brexit

The notice states that the European Commission has proposed a draft regulation that would allow the UK to continue participating in EU programmes in 2019, and that the UK Government is currently analysing this proposal and its implications.
However, the notice also states:
We are working as a priority to ensure UK partners can continue in ETC programmes. However, without access to programmes, there is a risk that project partners may not be able to continue working with their counterparts in other member states. Similarly, UK organisations may also not be able to continue applying to ETC programmes after the UK leaves the EU. If so, the government will provide full details on what to do to individual project partners.

UK Government advice for approved projects

Partners of approved projects should continue delivering their project activity as contracted, including continuing to make payment claims.

UK Government advice for prospective applicants

Organisations interested in applying should consider the information in the UK Government’s update.
For further information and advice read the full update.

For any general questions or concerns about a no-deal Brexit, please contact

See our Brexit FAQ here.