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Agriculture Bas Carbone for Dairy farms (Micro Projet)


Dairy farm Web
Specific Objective Low Carbon Technologies
Project Budget 500 000 €
ERDF Amount 400 000 €
Duration 03/2021-06/2023 (39 months)


The agriculture sector, which is significant across the Channel area, is responsible for 23% of the greenhouse gas emissions in Cornwall and 32% in Finistère. In the context of climate emergency, these regions aim to become carbon neutral territories and therefore tackling carbon emissions in the dairy industry is a key priority.

Agriculture Bas Carbone for Dairy farms (ABCD) aims to reduce carbon footprint in the dairy industry, as it is energy-consuming and represents a great proportion of farms over the Channel area.

The project, led by Département du Finistère, will pilot a new diet for dairy cattle, using alternatives to soy meal, which is known for its highly negative carbon footprint. The project will allow for a real scientific comparison of diet practices based in rigorous methodology.

With the results captured from the pilot sites, the project will support 80 farms across Cornwall and Brittany in their green transition, through training and workshops. The project will also ensure transferability of the results through engagement with 400 farmers and links with the French Livestock Institute and 4 UK and French major dairy processors.

As a result, the project is expected to reduce the dairy production carbon footprint by 10% and bring new skills to farmers, while reasserting the value of agriculture.

Lead Partner

Département du Finistère
Bretagne, France

Project Partners

Cornwall Council
Cornwall, England
Chambre régionale d'agriculture de Bretagne
Bretagne, France