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Union Professionnelle du Génie Ecologique

Location: ,
Specific Objectives: Natural & Cultural Heritage, Coastal and Transitional Water Ecosystems

Project Types: New business models.
Payment for ecosystem services models.
Ecological restoration, environmental engineering.


The Union Professionnelle du Génie Écologique – French Professional Union of Ecological Restoration (UPGE) is an association of companies of the ecological restoration sector. Their aim is to participate to the development and the structuration of the sector. The UPGE is leading projects such as the CCEAGE.

The Centre for coordination, experimentation and implementation of ecological engineering – Centre de Coordination, d’Expérimentation et d’Application du Génie Ecologique (CCEAGE) is a network of ecological engineering restoration site. The aim of the CCEAGE is to create the conditions for share and cooperation between local operators for the development and the enhancement of the ecological engineering sector.


Thomas Redoulez