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Vivacity Cultural and Leisure Trust

Location: Peterborough, England
Specific Objectives: Natural & Cultural Heritage

Project Types: Tourism, Heritage and Arts


Vivacity runs sports centres, libraries, theatre, heritage sites such as Flag Fen and the Museum and City Gallery within Peterborough.

The City Gallery presents a year round programme of quality contemporary art, showcasing artists of national and international significance and presenting works from our own important collection which ranges from the 1600’s to the present day, which has given the collection a richness and diversity. We have a significant collection of sculpture within the museum collection and out in various locations within the city. The collection has pieces by artists such as Caro, Frink, Sickert, Van Huysum, JMW Turner and Gormley.

Flag Fen is a Bronze Age site developed about 3500 years ago of international significance, Vivacity is looking to develop this site to become an important tourist attraction as well as for historic reference.

The river in Peterborough runs through the city and joins many of Vivacity’s sites together for example the Theatre, Museum and Gallery and Flag Fen and indeed has shaped the city from Medieval times till today.


Sheena Carman, Arts Development Officer

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