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Resource Extracting Monitoring (REM)

Location: Cambridgeshire, England
Specific Objectives: Innovation

Project Types: We have our own project and we are looking for partners and/or a lead partner to be associated to this project


REM is a non-profit organisation founded in 2003 and specialised in independent monitoring of law enforcement and governance for activities related to the extraction and management of natural resources. We differ from conventional NGOs in that REM establishes formal partnerships with target governments and donors in order to improve resource management and exploitation practices. REM aims to improve the management of natural resources, to increase their environmental and social sustainability. REM's approach is focused on supporting compliance with legal and administrative procedures to improve governance of the various partners with whom we work in Europe and in developing countries.

REM supports a constructive approach to poor governance problems involving governments, the international donor community, the private sector and civil society. We deduced from our experience that the effectiveness of our work depended heavily on the independence from the major players in the industry and at the same time, our ability to communicate with each of them to make a diagnosis of the observed activities and contribute to improvements. REM is thus not a campaigning organisation, but proactive as it seeks to establish the facts in the field and within the administration, to support international efforts in promoting transparency, good governance and legality of the trade of natural resources and push for positive action.

REM delivers results on issues of sustainable economic development, sustainable natural resource management, law enforcement and governance in four main areas:

  • Active contribution and support to government enforcement operations (administrative systems and field)
  • Capacity building
  • Development of technical tools
  • Support to international processes

Our teams are comprised of qualified legal experts, environmental consultants, foresters, GIS technicians, and project managers. Part of the team performs these activities in the target producer countries both at the administrative (capital) and the field level (forest areas), while the others use this information and transmit it to importing countries. A strategic feedback is then provided to guide the fieldwork. Thus, REM establishes a dynamic and direct link between the reality on the ground and international markets, policies and processes.


Valérie Vauthier, Director,, +44 (0) 7813 191 703

Eulalie Guillaume, Consultant +33 (0) 622 771 511