rocky coast


Location: Finistère, France
Specific Objectives: Innovation

Project Types: Deployment of weather stations on the coast of La Manche. Weather data collection projects. Project to increase the attractiveness of the territories for the practitioners of the nautical sports.


Windguru provides weather forecasts to all wind enthusiasts and anyone who needs it. Three years ago we launched the project of the stations: Windguru Live.

The stations measure the speed and direction of the wind, as well as the temperature. All this information is transmitted minute by minute and is shared with all Windguru users. There is also an API to allow you to use this data.

All stations are visible at: and also at the top of the forecast tables, for example here: .

Windguru stations provide precise information on wind conditions and thus reduce the risks during outings at sea or during the practice of coastal water sports. Thanks to the visibility with the millions of users they also participate in increasing the attractiveness for the territories where they are installed. Finally, they can collect data that can be used for different wind projects (wind farms, harbor construction, etc.).