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National Trust

Location: Swindon, England
Specific Objectives: Natural & Cultural Heritage

Project Types: Heritage, coastal climate change, nature & biodiversity, tourism, renewable energy


The National Trust is a large NGO operating across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. We own over 250,000 Ha of land, 1,200KM of coastline, +500 historic houses, castles, ancient monuments gardens and parks and nature reserves, 7 World Heritage Sites and over 29.500 buildings.  We are supported by over 4.7m members, 60,000 volunteers and 5,500 staff.

Our key strategic priorities are :

1. Play our part in restoring a healthy, natural environment by:

  • improving our habitats, soils and water to a good condition for nature on our estates;
  •  working with others to conserve and renew the nation’s most important landscapes;
  • developing and sharing new economic models for land use that supports nature; and
  • championing the importance of nature in our lives today

2. Offer experiences of our places that move, teach and inspire by:

  • raising the standard of presentation and interpretation at all the places we look after;
  •  making our outdoors experience better for all ages and needs; and
  • exploring and revealing our cultural heritage through events and exhibitions.

3. Help look after the places where people live by:

  • finding new solutions for managing local green space;
  • celebrating local heritage and equipping communities to care for it; and
  • engaging in shaping good housing and infrastructure development.


Mr Phil Lakin, 
European Grants Manager
Kemble Drive,
Wiltshire SN2 2NA

+44 1623 433 798
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