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Aux Goûts du Jour

Location: Finistère, France
Specific Objectives: Innovation, Low Carbon Technologies, Natural & Cultural Heritage

Project Types: Themes of interest: Sustainable food, attractiveness of jobs in food, food transparency, social appropriation of food sciences, promotion of the gastronomic heritage


Created in 2006, Aux Goûts du jour is a non-profit organisation which supports and raises awareness on all food matters, such as sustainable consumption, attractiveness of jobs in the food industry, education to taste, fight against food waste and nutrition and health. Certified since 2011 by the National Food Programme, Aux Goûts du jour is involved in working with the general public, schools and other companies.

AGDJ aims to :

  • Contribute to the development of consumers' critical thinking by giving them a clearer, more neutral and scientific view of their diet.
  • Help children and adults discover or rediscover the pleasure of "eating well" and allow them to make eco-friendly food choices combining healthy diet, respect for the environment, and ethics.
  • Exchange with the general public on the stakes and impacts of the food systems of today and tomorrow.
  • Promote the gastronomic heritage of our regions: discovery of products, know-how and their stories.
  • Raise awareness to young people about the careers available in the food industry.

It proposes 4 types of activities:

  • training in food education for all audiences
  • creation of education tools on food education
  • organization of events on food and sustainable consumption
  • consultancy and studies as experts on food education (i.e Territorial Food Plan…)

AGDJ is involved in ialys, the food performance network. It’s a food sector dynamic in French Cornwall.


Emmeline Verriest, Managing director: