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Pôle Automobile Hauts-de-France

Location: Pas de Calais, France
Specific Objectives: Innovation, Low Carbon Technologies

Project Types: Improvement of framework conditions for innovation; Industry / Industry 4.0; employment and skills in industry; carbon emissions reduction in transport.


Pôle Automobiles Hauts-de-France was created in 2011 as part of an initiative by the French Government, the Region and the ARIA (Association Régionale des Industries Automobiles / Regional Association of Automotive Industries). The organisation now coordinates the automotive industry in the Hauts-de-France region.

The objectives of Pôle Automobile Hauts-de-France:

  • Develop a common strategy in order to: improve the competitiveness of the stakeholders in the sector and accompany consolidations, transformations and groupings.
  • Strengthen the attractiveness of our sector and our area to young people, entrepreneurs and investors in the sector.
  • Develop research and innovation projects.
  • Deploy initial and / or ongoing education/training with relevant stakeholders.
  • Undertake any task likely to help develop our sector.

To carry out its actions, it relies on the 5 specialized committees it coordinates:

  • Internationalization and Promotion Committee, managed by Nord France Invest.
  • Employment and Competence Committee, led by the UIMM Hauts-de-France.
  • Competitiveness and Performance Committee, led by ARIA Hauts-de-France.
  • Innovation Committee, led by Transalley.
  • Financial Support Committee, led by BPIfrance.


Pierre-Marie PIERRARD
Chargé de mission Innovation & Internationalisation
+33 (0)6 82 41 30 63