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Programme Bodies

The Programme Monitoring Committee

The Programme Monitoring Committee works with the Managing Authority to ensure the quality and efficiency of programme implementation. It meets at least twice a year to assess progress made to reach the Cooperation Programme’s Specific Objectives. It examines the results of implementation and in particular progression in achieving each priority’s set objectives. There are two Programme Sub-Committees, one for Project Selection and one for Performance Monitoring and Audit, who will support the work of the Programme Monitoring Committee.

The Joint Secretariat

The Joint Secretariat (JS) is the main point of contact for Project Partners during the lifetime of their project. It is responsible for the day to day management of the Programme under the supervision of the Managing Authority. The JS is hosted by Norfolk County Council and most of its staff are based at County Hall, Norwich. However in order to support the development of projects some members of the team work at various locations across the Programme Area. 

Its Functions include;

  • Monitoring projects performance and expenditure
  • Providing training for Partners and First level Controllers
  • Supporting the development of projects through the network of facilitators
  • Appraising project applications and making recommendations to the Project SSC
  • Preparing and providing all necessary information to the Monitoring Committee, Managing Authority and Certifying Authority to allow the fulfilment of their responsibilities
  • Implementing the Programme Communication Strategy

The work of the JS is carried out by Project Officers. The Project Officers are responsible for evaluating the project applications submitted to the Programme, and will monitor and support approved projects during their implementation and closure.

The Managing Authority

The Managing Authority for this Programme is Norfolk County Council. It supervises the overall management of the France (Channel) England Programme and is responsible for the sound financial management and implementation of the Cooperation Programme.

Its functions include;

  • Liaising and coordinating with the Programme Monitoring Committee, the JTS and other interested parties
  • Supporting the activities of the Monitoring Committee by providing information on programme progress, financial data, and data on indicators and milestones
  • Submitting the approved Annual Implementation Report to the Commission
  • Ensuring the existence and implementation of appropriate risk management and anti-fraud measures

The Audit Authority

The Audit Authority for this Programme is Norfolk Audit Services. It is charged with checking effectiveness of the Financial Control system set up by the Managing Authority. They will review the system as a whole, and also carry out specific audits on a sample of projects to check that the system is functioning correctly.

This will be carried out in accordance with the Programme Audit Strategy.

The Certifying Authority

The role of the Certifying Authority responsibilities are to;

  • Pay the Financial Claims of projects after they have been approved by the JTS Finance Team
  • Prepare the Accounts of the Programme and submit them to the European Commission
  • Manage the Programme Bank Account containing the ERDF monies paid by the Commission

This role has been entrusted to the Norfolk County Council Financial Services department.