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EUROSWAC’s public event

EUROSWAC is holding an online event focused on how the project has been restructured and to highlight some of its aspects. 

Meeting Agenda:

 -12.30 (UK): Introduction - University of Exeter

 -12.40 (UK): Project Achievements within each Work Package (each talk includes a 5 minute Q&A)

 -12.40 (UK): Environmental studies and analysis - University of Plymouth

 -13.00 (UK) : Self-burying pipes – Doris Engineering

 -13.20 (UK) : The National Lobster Hatchery, one of the pilot demonstrator sites – National Lobster Hatchery

 -13.40 (UK) : Introducing the Principles of Circular Economy to SWAC – University of Exeter

Date & time: 3rd December from 12:30-14:00 (UK time). 

More information and free registration here:  

Project website: