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Coronavirus potential impacts on FCE projects


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Over the last couple of days and weeks, different important public health measures have come into place within the Programme area. Given the fast-changing nature of the coronavirus situation, the France (Channel) England Joint Secretariat fully understands that there is likely to be an impact on some project activities and work plans.

We understand that projects do worry about issues linked to modifications, claims, performance, etc…

We want you to know that we will do whatever we can to support your project through these unprecedented times. The FCE programme recognises that this situation is evolving very quickly with advice likely to change at short notice.  Taking this into account, we will look to make decisions as early as possible and on a case by case basis, whilst taking into account all official advice at that time.

You will undoubtedly understand that not knowing how long this situation is going to last for is another factor that requires caution on our side as far as communication on possible solutions is concerned.

The JS has received an unprecedented amount of queries and is currently gathering all project issues and queries in order to develop additional guidance on the more long-term consequences linked to delayed activities.

In addition, the JS is working on alternative provision for delivering training seminars for approved project partners.

We will come back to you as soon as possible. Until then, we wish you good health, positive thoughts and thank you for your patience during these exceptional times.