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RegioStars 2020: Another FCE award winner!



We are delighted to share that Coo-L-Food won gold at the Regiostars 2020 awards, making it the second year running that an FCE project has won this prestigious award.

The RegioStars competition awards EU-funded projects demonstrating excellence and new approaches in regional development. Last year in 2019 project Cobbauge won the RegioStars Award in the category ‘Connecting the Blue, the Green and the Grey’.

Project Coo-L Food, a 2-year microproject which closed in April 2020, won the RegioStars award 2020 for the category ‘Sustainable growth: Circular Economy for a green Europe’.

Coo-L Food aimed to encourage consumers to change their food habits to contribute to a healthier planet. The partnership has developed a successful tool to encourage consumers to adopt more sustainable behaviours in relation to food consumption and food management, helping them to save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

The Coo-L Food project was led by French Lead Partner Al'terre Breizh, with two other UK partners, Cornwall Food Foundation and Peterborough Environment City Trust.

If you want to know more about the project, please visit their website:

This year, due to COVID19, the ceremony was held virtually. A replay will be available here