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Would you like to share a project idea on how to tackle flooding by giving a short pitch at the event?

If yes, please complete a project idea form on our website here before 1pm on June 14, making it clear at the top of the form that you have registered for this event.

Do you consent to us sharing your contact details with other participants?

By choosing ‘yes’ above, I am allowing France (Channel) England Programme to share my contact details (name, email, office phone number, organisation and role) with the other participants attending this event, to help participants to network and communicate. If you choose ’no’, we will not share your details.

Do you consent to photos / filming?

By choosing ‘yes’ above, I am authorising France (Channel) England Programme to use photos or film taken at this event in which I appear on its website, social media, publications or any other communications material. If you choose ‘no’, we will ensure that you cannot be identified on any of these materials.