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About the Programme

What is European Territorial Cooperation?

A cornerstone of European integration, European Territorial Cooperation helps to ensure that borders are not barriers, and that ideas and assets are shared to resolve common problems across Europe. Interreg France (Channel) England falls under this umbrella by funding projects that benefit the French and English regions  around the Channel.

What is Interreg France (Channel) England?

Interreg FCE is an EU programme set up to foster economic development in the south of the UK and north of France by funding innovative projects which have a sustainable cross-border benefit in the Programme’s eligible regions.

The programme has now reached its commitment target for 2014-2020. As such we are no longer accepting applications for new projects. Due to Brexit the programme will not be renewed for the 2021-2027 period. 

For more information about Interreg and other cross-border programmes please visit: Interreg EU

What are the benefits of cross-border collaboration?

The benefits of working across borders include:

  • Working together to develop one solution to a common problem.
  • Working together to learn from each other’s experiences and expertise, giving organisations a wider area to search for solutions to their problems.
  • Opening up new audiences for ideas and products, and new markets for SMEs to break into using the experience gained from cross border working.
  • Reducing the costs normally associated with gaining this type of experience and opportunity, meaning it is a great chance for those looking for new opportunities and challenges.