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Spotlight: TIGER is on a mission to drive growth for tidal stream energy

Interreg’s biggest ever project Tidal stream Industry enerGisEr pRoject (TIGER), has been on a mission to drive growth for the sector since its launch in late 2019.

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Event: Cross-border collaboration and innovation in Life Sciences and Nutrition

IMPULS project is running its launch event on 28 June, aimed at Life Science companies in the South East of England and North West of France looking to expand their business. 

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Presenting…GO TRADE project video

Project Go Trade is helping to reverse the economic decline of town centres by creating a unique brand of local markets in the South of England and North of France. Click below to watch the project video.

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News and Information

IVY Reporters EXM
Introducing our new IVY Reporters

In June, we welcomed two IVY reporters to the Channel programme team. Alessia Baratto and Laurence Moureh-Ledig, join us for 4 months as part of the EU’s IVY volunteer scheme,...

Covid-19 recovery package for struggling communities

The C-CARE (Covid Channel Area Response Exchange) project is to deliver a €6.7million package of Covid-19 recovery support for businesses and people in the UK and France.

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