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Archive: April 2021

French and English councils helped to achieve zero waste economies

Essex County Council is leading an innovative new cross-border project to help local authorities in England and France transition to a more circular economy.

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Recycle WEB
Fishing waste web
4,000 items of fishing gear waste reported in six months

Six months after the launch of project Indigo’s Fish&Click mobile app, 4,000 pieces of fishing gear waste have been identified.

Flood web
BRIC to help flood risk communities in UK and France

A new project to help communities in France and the UK tackle flooding has been given funding from the Interreg France (Channel) England programme. 

C Care
FCE programme approves two new projects

Two new projects were approved at the recent Selection Sub Committee (SSC) virtual meeting in March. C-CARE and Cool Food Pro receive a total value of €7.4m ERDF. 

Soil Web
€2.5million project to develop sustainable soils from construction waste

Waste from the construction industry and dredged sediments could provide a safe and sustainable source of healthy soils thanks to a new project, funded by the France (Channel) England programme.

Arbor web
Project EXPERIENCE restores Napoleonic Arbor tunnel

An ornate iron framework, known as an Arbor, covered in evergreen climbing plants which dates to Napoleonic era has been beautifully restored, thanks to Interreg funding.