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EXPERIENCE launch tourist website to promote year-round attractions


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Norfolk County Council led project EXPERIENCE (Experiential Tourism to Extend the Visitor Season) recently launched its BeNorfolk website.   

The website showcases the many possibilities that Norfolk has to offer throughout the year with the primary aim of encouraging off-season tourism with both free and paid-for experiences.  

The website provides the potential visitor with various suggested itineraries and has received very positive feedback with articles in the local press, on local media platforms and even from the MP for North-West Norfolk, James Wild, who has written about new website on his blog.

Launched in July 2019 and closing at the end of June 2023, EXPERIENCE and is one of the FCE’s largest projects with an overall budget of €23,28 million (€16,06 ERDF).  The aim of the projects is to harness the experiential tourism trend to extend the season to October to March, generating new visitors delivering sustainable economic growth.