SO 3.1

Natural & Cultural Heritage

To realise the potential of the common natural and cultural assets to deliver innovative and sustainable growth.

The focus of this Specific Objective is to develop the economic potential of the Programme’s natural and cultural heritage. By investing in this Specific Objective the Programme aims to improve the economic, environmental and social sustainability of the Programme’s cultural and natural heritage, and to support economic growth through developing a more competitive tourism offer.

This has the aim of increasing not only the regions appeal to visitors, but making it a more appealing place to live and work with the intention of attracting businesses and therefore jobs to the area.

Latest natural and cultural heritage news

Brexit update

UK government guarantees funding to EU programmes

Great news - the UK Government has announced that organisations that secure funding through EU programmes (including Interreg) before the end of 2020 will have their funding guaranteed, even in the case of a Brexit no deal.

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