rocky coast


Location: Oise, France
Specific Objectives: Innovation

Project Types: Air quality monitoring and modelling, REACH practices and decision-aid models, health-environment relationships, environmental impact assessment, socio-economic analysis, best practices related to IED Directive, decision-aid tools for putting in practice circular economies, autonomous territories in energy.


Established by the French Government in 1990 as the National competence centre for Industrial Safety and Environmental Protection, INERIS has developed expertise in the areas of chronic and hazardous risks. INERIS carries out or commissions studies and research programmes aimed at preventing the risks brought about by economic activities on health, the safety of persons and property and on the environment, and provides any services intended to facilitate the adaptation of companies with this objective in mind. INERIS has a budget of 80 million Euros every year and gathers about 600 people, including 340 engineers, researchers and managers.


Florent Carre